Rehab Exoskeleton – HARMONY, by ReNeu Robotics Lab


Company/Organization: Rehabilitation and Neuromuscular (ReNeu) Robotics Lab, Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin

Maker/Developer: Dr. Ashish Deshpande & a team of grad students form the Rehabilitation and Neuromuscular (ReNeu) Robotics Lab.

Purpose: Bilateral upper back/shoulders/arm therapy. Primary focus is for stroke and spinal cord injury patients.

Power Source: External source

Price: n/a

Actuator: unknown type x 14

Joints: Scapulae, shoulders, elbows, wrists

Overview: Therapy exoskeletons for arm and shoulder movements are typically designed for use on one side of the body at a time. However, HARMONY is designed to be used for bilateral therapy needs, allowing articulation via 14 actuators with joints in the upper-back (scapulae), shoulders, elbows, and wrist.  HARMONY is adjustable for various body sizes, and connects at three different places on each side of the body: two straps on the upper arms, and a bar for each hand to grip.

Special focus was put on ensuring the shoulder motions of HARMONY closely mimicked that of the natural human shoulder movements and range of motion. You can see in the below image, when the patient shrugs hsi shoulders (Right) the shoulder mechanism of HARMONY moves up with him.

HARMONY is designed to feel weightless to the user, but that is a fully adjustable setting based on the individual’s needs. It can provide more or less resistance, and correct a user’s movements if they deviate off a prescribed range of motion.

HARMONY therapy exoskeleton by ReNeu Robotics Lab - Elbow and wrist closeup
HARMONY therapy exoskeleton by ReNeu Robotics Lab – Elbow and wrist closeup


Computer software is used with HARMONY, taking sensor measurements up to 2000 times per second. This data is used by therapists to monitor and plan a patients progress and ongoing therapy.


Watch the video below, from the Cockrell School of Engineering at UT Austin for a quick demonstration and overview.


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Dr Ashish D. Deshpande
Dr Ashish D. Deshpande

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