About Us

Mech.Center – Mission Statement

Everyone* loves giant robots, mechanized walkers, and mech suits. The various sources for this love, MechWarrior, Transformers, Pacific Rim, Iron Man, Aliens, and many others, have all had their influences. Games, movies, and other media, these juggernaut machines have inspired us through moments of slack-jawed amazement at the power and ability they offer.

I, the sub-par editor of this website, spent many hours, on many occasions, over many years of my youth (and adulthood) daydreaming of having my own mechanized suit. I could carelessly stroll through the neighborhood with no concern for vicious dogs. Their teeth would shatter on my metal exoskeleton. Human attackers would find no meat for their bullets or knives. I could help neighbors move heavy loads, save victims from peril and, and of course, fight other massive beasts or foes.

This web-community site has an overarching goal of facilitating the growth and eventual realization of these impressive machines in the real world. That is a long term goal. In the short term, goals center around helping people with their own electronics, robots, devices, automated systems, EM-Drives, Warp Cores, or other crack-brained crazy impossible ideas.

I want a community where people can try and share their laughable ideas and receive intelligent feedback with respectful opinions, supporting evidence, contrarians evidence, or anything else that may help move that project forward. Sometimes we need to just build it and see if it succeeds, or fails, no matter what everyone says. That process is important and I hate the idea of ideas not being attempted just because others say its not possible, not feasible, stupid, dumb, or any other negative reason to take no action on an exciting idea.

I want this to be a place of learning. Where people share guides, schematics, general knowledge, or anything else at all that may help young kids attain an interest in any of these encompassing fields, or a seasoned veteran with a new idea.

To fully round out the grand vision, this is a place to celebrate an share inspiration in art or real life. Boston Dynamics, SpaceX, a multitude of video games and movies, actual drawn artwork.. anything and everything that embodies this love of freaking awesome machinery and technology.

To simply wrap up everything written above; I want it all here, and I want everyone to thrive on it.

*If you dont love Mechs, I can’t help but float a motion that you are infact not a human at all, but rather, one of the Lizard People (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reptilians).